link juice meaning

Link Juice

link juice is an analogy used to refer the passing of authority from one website to another when a link is generated. Imagine every website as a glass filled with some SEO value. When one website refers to another, this value is shared with the other website improving its authority.

Link Juice in SEO

Link juice positively impacts the website SEO as it passes some kind of ‘trust flow’. We call it ‘trust flow’ because Google is always looking for websites that have valid information. Also, the greater the information & credibility of the website, the better. So, when a website with good authority links to a website Google considers it as a credible source. However, link juice has no direct impact on the ranking. But, websites with higher domain authority often rank well in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

How to make Link Juice?

To create link juice you will need backlinks from another website to your website. There are different ways that a website links to another website. Factors like whether it is a do-follow link or a no-follow link affect link juice. Because when a link is set as no-follow Google bots will never crawl the referred website therefore not transferring link juice. To create the flow you will have to make sure the link is marked as a do-follow link.

For example consider two websites: A & B

A link to B thus passes link juice from A to B. So, when Google crawls website A it also crawls the referred website B. This helps website B to rank higher on the Google search engine.

Link Juice & Authority

Backlinks help gain the authority of a website. Say a website has an authority score above 80 or 90 links to your website. Google assumes that you are a credible resource. Link juice is passed on to your website thus improving your website’s authority too. The more you gain links from higher authority websites the better. This is why you will have to maintain quality content on your website that is linkable.

Link Juice is passed from one website to another
instance where link juice is passed from one website to another through links

Link Juice inside a website

Link juice is not just measured for external links but for links within the website. We call them internal links, right? As we know these links also help improve a website’s ranking. Each page has an authority score. Better linking helps to crawl and to index better. A good method is to add links from your higher authority page to the lower authority page.

Measuring Link Juice

Scanbacklinks provide a tool for checking the backlinks and a score that they have named as SB rank. There are no specific tools for checking link juice but you can check the Domain Authority & Page Authority using tools like Ahrefs or Moz.

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