i wonder what the other me is doing rn- what if we were living in a parallel universe?
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This post explores the possibility of parallel universes and the idea that there may be multiple versions of ourselves in different universes. It discusses the science of quantum physics and the concept of infinity, and ponders whether love can transcend space-time. The post also touches on the psychological side of time travel and the complexities that may arise from meeting other versions of ourselves. Throughout the post, the author shares their personal thoughts and experiences on the topic, while referencing various films and scientific theories.

i wonder what the other me is doing rn- what if we were living in a parallel universe?

i had a bad dream last night.

in dr strange, America Chavez tells Dr Strange that in your dreams all that you see is reality in some other universe.

siriously? im worried about the other me in some other universe right now.

imagine if were living in a parallel universe.

is it something like in the MCU? or like in Dark or its just like in stranger things.. we just need to open a portal to get to the “other side”?

ig to happen something like in the stranger things we need to have a parallel dimension that intervines with our dimension.

lets get to the science of parallel universes!!

from what Neil Tygrasson tells, I could understand a bit of quantum physics.

well, let me ask ChatGPT to to explain what is quantum physics.

//asking ChatGPT//

Quantum physics is the study of the smallest particles in the universe, such as atoms and subatomic particles. It describes how these particles behave and interact with each other in ways that are different from what we experience in our everyday lives. For example, particles can exist in multiple states at the same time, and their behavior can be influenced by observation. These concepts can be difficult to understand because they are so different from what we experience in our daily lives, but they are essential to our understanding of the world around us.

well well, mind bending isn’t it?

one interesting philosophy I like about this is, if there were no one to watch universe it might not have existed.

hmm, is the universe attention seeking?

ahem, lets come back to the topic. so if universe is infinite, then //asking ChatGPT //

If the universe were infinite, then there is a possibility that there could be multiple variations of the same particle. However, it’s important to note that this is still largely theoretical and subject to ongoing research and debate in the scientific community. Additionally, the concept of infinity is difficult to fully comprehend and there may be limitations to what is possible in an infinite universe.

you can read about that in this Quora thread

so basically the idea is, information in an infinite universe is limited. that is why, there is a chance that in a plausible universe, there might be another me and another you who is watching Netflix on a couch having some beer, chilling…rather than reading this piece of thoughts.

what if we could meet the other selves?

well, it shouldn’t end up good.

this is the only warning that they give in the time travel movies right? you shouldn’t meet your other self.

//asking ChatGPT for a quote from Back to the Future//

“Whatever you do, don’t ever go to 2015.” – Doc Brown, Back to the Future Part II

That’s a wise warning from Doc Brown! Time travel can be a tricky thing, especially when it comes to meeting your other self. It’s been a recurring theme in many time travel movies and shows, and it’s not hard to see why. The psychological side of time travel is complex and can be mind-bending.

While it’s tempting to imagine meeting other versions of ourselves, it’s probably best to avoid it. As we’ve seen in various time travel stories, the consequences can be disastrous. Relationships can be affected, and the human mind can struggle to comprehend such complex situations. Even love, which is often considered a force that transcends space and time, might not be enough to overcome the challenges of meeting other versions of ourselves.

In any case, it’s fascinating to consider the possibilities of parallel universes and the idea that there might be other versions of ourselves out there. The science of quantum physics and the concept of infinity can be mind-bending, and it’s exciting to think about what we might learn in the future about these topics.

yeah yeah, simple rule.

I recently read this book

the psychological side of time travel! //couldn’t complete it tho.

maybe in the future, we might be able to travel through time. *I really hope it doesn’t end up as in the movie Planet of the Apes but something like in Interstellar would be fine.

if that is the case, I’m curious whether my timeline is relevant for the future me or my grandchildren (if I were to have them) to decide they visit me.

hmm, let’s see….if they want to visit me now is a good time. (if they are reading my blog)

//pauses for a moment//

ah, nope!

I’m hoping they are smart enough not to take that chance.

we know how Dark it can become with time travel. with people and with relationships. the one thing that is more complex than time travel might be the human mind.

of course time travel can be mind-bending.

I hope you have seen cult classics of time travel movies like “Back to the Future” or ” The Time Machine”

my favorites are “Primer” and “Planet of the Apes”

it can be disastrous if you come in contact with the other you or anyone who knows you right.

another question I want to ponder is:

can love transcend space-time?

let me ask ChatGPT

The question of whether love can transcend space-time is a philosophical and scientific one. While love is often considered a powerful force that can overcome many obstacles, including distance and time, it’s unclear whether it can truly transcend the laws of physics. Some scientists argue that love is simply a biochemical reaction in the brain, while others believe that it’s a fundamental force of the universe, like gravity or electromagnetism. Ultimately, whether love can transcend space-time is a matter of personal belief and interpretation.

hmmmm okay, ChatGPT.

I believe so, and that includes self-love too.

I hope in some other universe, I’m doing just fine.


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i wonder what the other me is doing rn- what if we were living in a parallel universe?

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