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LinkedIn is a platform for professional networking. It is a community of more than 630 million professionals and 34 million Pages. On LinkedIn employers post jobs and job seekers find jobs. But LinkedIn is not just that. Just like any other social platform, LinkedIn has evolved during the past years. LinkedIn has been widely used by brands for their outreach. LinkedIn can be brought up as a community platform too. Organisations use it for their brand awareness. So, let’s talk about LinkedIn for Personal Branding.

A personal brand is for people who want to stand out from the crowd and make your impact in the world. Anyone can be a brand. But it’s not an easy task. It can be equally nightmarish as well as overwhelming. The thing is you have to narrow down your brand to a specific niche and it should have to be a genuine effort in the entire process of building your brand. Your brand should tell a story to people and that story should inspire people along the way.

So, how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for Personal Branding?

With LinkedIn, you can build a sense of community. LinkedIn has many features that help you achieve this. You can showcase your skills and knowledge. If you are an organization, you can create a page just like on any other platform. But unlike any platform, with LinkedIn pages, you can directly interact with your potential audience. LinkedIn works best for B2B businesses. But first, you have to set up a good profile to pull those audiences.

Acquire ‘all star’

Firstly you have to set up a good profile on LinkedIn. For individuals, LinkedIn works mostly as an online resume. So it is important to have a well-built profile. Firstly, add a professional profile picture. Then complete your profile by adding Intro, About, Featured, Background, Skills. If you are an organization, it is better that you build a page for your organization. LinkedIn pages allow you to have direct interaction with your community.

Your network

However, to build a community around your brand, you have to connect with relevant people. The basic idea of LinkedIn is to connect with people. Not just any people. To get the most out of LinkedIn it is important to connect with relevant people ie people who are your potential audience, people who are a part of your enterprise.

Publish. Share. Repeat

Once you are all set, the next thing you can do is to write articles. Articles that share your idea and culture. It is important to focus on your niche when writing articles. LinkedIn is a great place to organically reach out to people by writing contents. It can also help you rank easily. But make sure that you have relevant quality content. Aim for no longer than 1,000 words. As far as length, keeping to 500–700 is generally best.

Interact and Sustain

Finally engage with people and posts. LinkedIn is a network of people and business. Just like you maintain the network, interacting with other people, sharing your thoughts make the community going. However, you will have to put a lot of effort into building up your community. It is also to be noted that you are consistent during the entire process.

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Linkedin for Personal Branding

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